Monday, 10 May 2010

A Kick in the Balls

A kick in the balls for me has two meanings. First off it is a rather delicious cocktail that can cause a few embarrassing moments after one too many. Secondly it is that unwanted moment when contact from a swinging foot connects with a gentleman’s private region. The results being a feeling of surprise agony and for all others involved humorous pain to enjoy.

The planning stage of expeditions is much like this. Just when you think that everything is going fine and that is going to be worth it. Out of nowhere a flying foot makes a sweet crunching connection with the crotch area. This brings everything to a halt. Questions are asked about motivations to go ahead with the idea and confidence in ability is doubted.

But rest assured this apparently is just part of the fun. Even worse than that, it appears to be quite a common factor involved with starting up adventures. The ups and downs in progress in the planning stage are the norm. It is often mentions that the first step is the hardest to take. I sure can’t wait to get started and the easy part can begin.

For the time being though getting to the starting line is still the struggle. I have been working away at getting all the appropriate visas. But the Russia visa is not very straight forward. I really do wonder why some countries have issues given visas if you are on a bike. Really, what can one guy and a bike do?

I have also updated the website. You can now find details about my previous expeditions and both of my cycling film documentaries are also on the site. I am also working on getting a video diary onto the site and maybe a few other short films. So there is still more to come.

Soon I will get back to finishing off the genesis of the commonwealth challenge story. It really is the key to explaining my motivations. Plus I will give more details about Challenge FIVE -During the world cycle I am trying to form the world’s largest cycle team. Basically I need 10,500 people to join me for a 5 mile cycle to achieve this goal!

So for the time being I will be dodging those flying kicks as best I can and trying to spread the word about the challenge. Feel free to invite your friends to join the Challenge team!

A Kick in the Balls (the cocktail not the ball ache from a swift kick)

Cocktail Ingredients: Morgan’s Spiced, Vodka, Brown Sugar, Mint leaves, Fresh Lime, Orange and Mango Juice and Crushed Ice.

1.Add the mint leaves and a large spoonful of brown sugar into a highball glass.
2.Fill the glass to the top with crushed ice.
3.Add a generous amount of Morgan’s Spiced.
4.Add a good dash of Vodka.
5.Flavour with orange and mango juice and a hint of lime juice.
6.Give a good stir and enjoy.

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